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Officer Cariol Horne saved Neal Mack’s life by interrupting Officer Kwiatkowski’s dangerous chokehold
(Hollywood Reporter)

Buffalo Police Officer Caroil Horne was wrongfully terminated from her job after trying to stop a fellow officer from using a chokehold on a suspect.

⚖️ Cariol's Law is a proposal for legislation to have a mandatory stature on police bystander intervention, provide protection from retaliation, require external investigation with mandated reprimanding for abuse or misconduct, and create a required reportable registry. []

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Acknowledge The Bruce Family

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(Photo by Brittany Murray, Press-Telegram/SCNG)

🏖 In 1912 Willa and Charles Bruce purchased beach front property in Manhattan Beach, CA. In 1924, through eminent domain local leadership seized Bruce's Beach, which had grown to become a thriving Black owned resort. In 2021 Manhattan Beach committed to updating the plaques. The California Senate voted in favor of SB 796, which is currently awaiting signature from the Governor.

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